Thu 04 Nov 1982     BBC Studios, London, England

Young Guns (Go For It)




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The impact of Wham! on the public, especially teenage girls, was felt from the moment they finished their debut performance of "Young Guns (Go For It)" on Top Of The Pops. George's appearance helped; he wore espadrilles, a suede jacket slit open and rolled-up denim jeans. As he took the foreground, Ridgeley stood behind him, flanked by backing singers D.C. Lee and Shirlie Holliman.

The performance was as much one of acting as it was of singing (or miming, in truth), with George playing the part of the pleading goodtime lad and Andy the guy who had been drawn into commitment. The song shot into the Top 40 at #24 as a result and peaked at #3 in December.

this performance was repeated by the BBC at the Top of The Pops Shows on the christmas show on 28. December 1989 and on 04. January 1994.




This was broadcasted by BBC TV, the performance was aired as repeat 2 weeks later on 18. November 1982.