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Sat 25 Nov 2006

first of 4 concerts at Earls Court, London, England

Thu 25 Nov 2004

Hunt for George Michael intruder

Police are looking for a woman who broke into pop star George Michael's north London home earlier this month.

A female intruder was found in his Hampstead house on 4 November but had gone by the time officers arrived, the Metropolitan Police said.

The break-in came eight days after a woman was cautioned for harassing the singer after being found in the house.

Michael recently revealed a female fan hid under his floorboards for four days last year.

The ex-Wham! singer, 41, is one of the UK's biggest stars. But his last single, Round Here, gave him his lowest-ever UK top 40 entry at 32 earlier this month.

Book theft attempt

The Metropolitan Police said a 28-year-old woman was found in his house on 27 October and tried to steal a book.

The singer did not want to press charges for burglary but she was given a first warning for harassment. That evening, she returned and tried to contact the star.

"She did not enter the house on this occasion but was outside trying to get in," a police statement said. The woman was then cautioned for harassment.

On 4 November, officers were called to the house again after a woman managed to get in.

"Officers arrived but the intruder had gone," police said. "Enquiries are under way to trace the suspect."

The trouble comes two and a half years after thieves stole hundreds of thousands of pounds of property from the mansion.