Mon 23 May 1988

first concert of 2 nights at Hallenstadion, Zόrich, Switzerland, the first ever concert in Switzerland

Wed 23 May 2007

concert at Ference Puskas Stadium, Budapest, this was the first ever performance in Hungary

Wed 23 May 2007

25LIVE SUMMER Tour facts and figures

• There will be 120 crew members on the road with George during his tour

• The event build in each venue will take 5 days

• It will take 200 additional crew members to put up the stage

• There will be 23 touring production trucks

• 482,799 meters of cable will be used

• 4,000 LED screens will be used

• The lighting rig contains 400 lighting fixtures and 2000 light bulbs

• 150 boxes will be used in the sound rig

• 40 microphones will be used on stage

• 40 guitars travel with the crew

• 70 radio frequencies are used

• George will have 20 costumes on the road with him

• George likes to have the following available in the dressing room at his concerts: Sushi, Evian water, caffeine free Diet Cokes, salt and vinegar crisps, a computer, sling box to watch Sky TV, Catherine Tate Show DVD’s and his favourite CD’s

• There will be 31 shows in total on the European leg of his tour

• George will spend 124 hours on stage and will perform to over 1,400,000 people

• During the European leg of this tour the crew will travel 15,000 miles

• 33,550 meals will be served to show staff