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Mon 17 Mar 2014

George Michaelīs seventh album SYMPHONICA is released today in the UK.

Wed 17 Mar 2004

Review: George Michael's Patience
By Michael Osborn
BBC News Online entertainment staff


A grandee of British pop music has resurfaced with his long-awaited new album, and says it will be his last high-profile commercial release.

George Michael's solo career has been eventful, and announcing that he's turning his back on the music business continues that headline-making trend.

But new offering Patience, which Michael says nearly killed him, returns to the music with which he made his name.

It starts and ends with the poignant and painful title track, but the middle portion reveals much more variation.

The 40-year-old singer stands by his ill-fated political statement Shoot The Dog and puts the musically punchy and exciting song on this album.

With the Passion furore raging on, asking "if Jesus Christ is alive and well, how come John and Elvis are dead?" on track three may touch nerves.

Michael veers back to the personal with the lush American Angel, apparently an ode to his partner Kenny Goss.

But reminders of the infamous restroom incident come flooding back with the raunchy, sexually provocative Freeek.

A master of the heart-rending ballad, Michael sets a gentle and emotional mood with My Mother Had A Brother and the warmly poignant Through.

He hasn't left his disco sensibilities at the door, though, and a handful of uptempo tracks bring this album to life.

Michael makes The Ones' stomping favourite Flawless his own, but Precious Box is a standout track which is bang up to date.

This is unlike his latest hit Amazing, which sends us hurtling back to the late 80s.

'No surprises'

Michael can never be accused of cutting corners, for this is an album which sounds crisp, clean and produced with an immaculate finish.

His stamp is obvious throughout, possessing a distinct flair and style.

But as an artist established enough to turn his back on the music business, this man is not compelled to innovate and shock us with the experimental.

There are no massive surprises with Patience, and Michael's core fans will be pleased that his musical bandwagon rolls on with reassuring continuity.

Patience by George Michael is out now on Sony Music

Wed 17 Mar 1988

first of 3 concerts at Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia, there were planned 4 nights, but the last was canceled cause the voice problems of George.