CALENDER: 16. October



Sun 16 Oct 1983

Wham! concert at Apollo Theatre, Manchester, England

Tue 16 Oct 1984

"Freedom" climbes to the number one of the UK singles charts, and stayed there for 3 weeks

Sun 16 Oct 1988

concert at Summit, Houston, TX, USA

Wed 16 Oct 1991

concert at Reunion Center, Dallas, TX, USA

Mon 16 Oct 2006

concert at Arena, Leipzig, Germany

Mon 16 Oct 2006

concert at Arena, Leipzig, Germany

Tue 16 Oct 2007


George Michael wants to duet with Amy Winehouse

The former Wham frontman - who has already collaborated with Elton John, Mutya Buena, Sir Paul McCartney and Mary J. Blige - is determined to work with the controversial 24-year-old singer.

George said: "I have written a song for Amy and I hope she likes it. I would love us to record it together, but we will have to see what she says."

The 44-year-old singer - who like Amy has had a difficult relationship with alcohol and drugs - recently said Amy was the "best female vocalist" he had ever heard.

He said: "Amy is the best female vocalist I have ever heard in my entire career, as well as one of the best writers. So all I can say now is, 'Please, please understand how brilliant you are' and I wish her every success in the future, and I know she can get past the media.

"I don't know if she can get past other things, but she's a fantastic talent, and we should all support her."