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Tue 16 Jul 1996

George on a Yacht during his holiday in Saint Tropez.
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Thu 16 Jul 1998


George chats online on MSN UK with his fans, here is the transcript:


POP STAR GEORGE MICHAEL has taken part in his first ever online chat. The singer chose MSN
to answer fan questions from around the world. For more than two hours he spoke with humour
and honesty about everything from God to Ginger Spice to his sexuality. 

The Microsoft Network says: 
MSN, in association with Hotmail, presents an online interactive interview. Ladies and
Gentlemen, please welcome online George Michael.... 

George Michael says:
Hi everyone, welcome to the chat. Before we get started, I'd like to say a few things to my
audience worldwide, many of whom will probably be online for the first time. Firstly, I want to 
thank you all for your continuing support. Your loyalty is never forgotten, and I am not just
talking about record sales and chart positions. 

In recent years, your letters and e-mails, even good wishes in the street, have helped me
through the most difficult times. My celebrity may not protect me from human tragedy
(or comedy for that matter!), but my music, and the fact that you still enjoy it, has been a 
lifeline. Thank you. I am a lucky man. As for this evening's conversation, I hope you enjoy it. 
There are some things that are off-limits for the simple reason that I'm not here to feed the 
press tonight. I have plenty to say about recent events, and I intend to say them, but not right 
now. So if you logged on for that stuff, well, don't hold your breath but... 

if you are a genuine fan, I think you should enjoy this.... love and thanks, George xxx 
p.s. Thanks so much to Andros, and everyone at, for their hard work on the site, 
and for putting this evening together. 

OK, fire away ... please remember that I am typing this myself, so please excuse mistakes, and
my speed - I never made it as a temp :-) 

The Microsoft Network says:
Hi George! Welcome are doing your own typing?!

George Michael says:
Yup, if you want something done well.....

Beverley Lawrence asks:
Can you foresee the day when your music will be available solely for download via the internet, 
or do you think that there will always be a demand for mail order or retail distribution? And as 
you "love to sing, hate to tour", do you think that your future as a live performer lies in webcasts
rather than in world tours?

George Michael says:
Even though it's hard to imagine I can't help but believe that music will become one of the first 
things that the public will buy online simply because there are very few 'products' that can be 
transported down a telephone line. It's that simple. So if the shopping 'revolution' that we have
heard about actually happens music retail stores will probably be one of it's first victims. As for 
live work, nothing on a screen is going to compare to the real thing even if I do say so myself, so
I guess the answer to that is no.

Laura Perkins asks:
Your last album was called 'Older' - what will you be calling the next one?

George Michael says:
It's a long way off, as the greatest hits will be released this year but the working title is 'Fatter
with a little more grey hair' :-) 

Andrew Stevens asks;
When did you first realise you were a sex symbol?

George Michael says:
Can't put my finger on the date I'm afraid, but did you know that you have the same name as my
manager. Actually, he's not here. Are you my manager?

Susan Pugh asks:
Are you planning to go on tour?

George Michael says:
Yes I am. Nothing has been set in stone, but if everything goes to plan we will start next year in 
England in March....

Denise Van Outen, from 'The Big Breakfast', asks:
Will you go on a date with me?

George Michael says:
Sure. I'd love to!!! I just have to clear it with Kenny.

JAZZ - C. Hatch asks:
How was your birthday party?

George Michael says:
The bits that I remember were great!!!

^_^ asks:
I'm from Shanghai, China, when I was in the high school, you were very popular in our country, 
and we love your song like "Last Christmas", "Careless Whisper"... and we love you very much.

George Michael says:
Thank you so much. Visiting china was one of the most fascinating things I have ever done 
though I think I was a bit young to take it all in. 

The Microsoft Network asks:
Will you ever go back to china?

George Michael says:
Maybe if they stop executing people for running a red light, who knows...never say never.

Angel asks:
George, I really love Cowboys & Angels. What made you decide on using that as your dress code
at your birthday party? 

George Michael says:
Well, actually the truth be known, I nicked the idea off of someone else's party but they nicked 
my song title so I don't feel guilty.

Novocastria asks:
Can you ask him what he thinks of the current 80's revival?

George Michael says:
Well to us thirty-something s it feels too recent to revive, but we're all in denial. Actually I don't 
want to be responsible for a second generation of misguided youths wearing curtain rings in each
ear, but I guess the 'revival ' will give Boy George something to do with his spare time... :-)

Hi George ... love ya. lol [laugh out loud]

Junky asks:
If you were not chosen to be a "superstar" by some chance, what profession would you have 

George Michael says:
Typist! No question. :-) 

Michelle Neely asks:
Do you have one basic quote or philosophy that you like to live by?

George Michael says:
Not really, but my general philosophy I got from my mother which is to get through life hopefully
happy and fulfilled without harming anyone or anything. If we all knew that much surely life
would be so much simpler.

Calm asks:
George, does it feel better to be out in the open about your sexuality now?

George Michael says:
Well this is a simple issue for me. There is a world of difference between being 'out' which in
normal terms means telling all of those in your circle of friends, and your family, that you are gay
 - and being 'out' as a celebrity which apparently means making sure that the entire world
including people who don't give a toss know who and what you are doing with your genitals.
I have been an openly gay man with everyone in my life for a long time and that was good 
enough for me. As for my fans I think I tried to tell them everything i could through my work as
opposed to using the media, but in all honesty I think I blew that particular strategy in a big way

Derrald Leo Mote asks:
Have you been offended by jokes or satires or did you take it all in good humour?

George Michael says:
Ok ... the truth is that I've been seriously offended by the lack of decent jokes on the subject
and believe me if there were any more out there I would have heard them, my mates make
sure of that. Actually, I heard a good one last week. George Michael is worried about going
through customs next time he visits the States. Why? They might do him for handling swollen
goods. And they are mighty swollen, I can tell you.

Picard asks:
How did you feel about losing Versace?

George Michael says:
My friendship with Gianni was much overplayed after his death. I really didn't know him very
well, but i was appalled by his death, of course. He was very sweet to me , I stayed at some
of his houses on the Faith toor ... tour! 'Toor' is probably Dutch for tour anyway....

Devilish Angel asks:
George - I seem to have got older with you - do you mind that the young guns now change

George Michael says:
Well, it has been 15 years. I can't expect you all to wait for me....

LittleCow9 asks:
I noticed that Geri had associated with you after she left the Spice Girls. She recently went to
your birthday (Happy Birthday!). My question is how is she? I've seen pictures of her
"new look," but I'd like your opinion on what do you think of Geri now? Also how is she
feeling emotionally? 

George Michael says:
Geri is one of the most remarkable people i have ever met. I really think that she WAS the
Spice disrespect to the others. I met them and they are all great girls, but let's be
honest, who were YOU looking at when you watched a Spice Girls performance? I don't
think she is suffering under any illusions about herself, but she knows that she has something
special, that people are interested in her. And I know that she plans to use that something in
a positive way. She will get there if we let her.

Charlotte F. Hopkins asks:
What inspired you to write, "Jesus To A Child"?

George Michael says:
Simple answer. Anselmo Felleppa [a close friend of George who passed away]. 
Sorry...Feleppa!!! One L! That's in case his mum is online!!!

HernᎠRodriguez asks:
I'm a Queen fan too, and I want to say that you are the only singer who performed a Queen
song very, very well in the "Tribute to Freddie Mercury." Don't you like to record more Queen
songs? Maybe with Brian, Roger and John? 

George Michael says:
Thank you, Hernan. It was a great privilege to perform that night, and I sang it the way that
I tried to in my bedroom when I was 12, guess it showed.

Vanessa Tapia asks:
What do think about Frank Sinatra's music?

George Michael says:
I think that Sinatra was the finest singer of his time and probably ours too, but I did not
respect him because of his connections, and his actions towards others were well documented.
 And respect is earned by what you do, not just what you do with the gifts that God has given

Roger in Inverness asks:
Did you watch the World Cup ? Did you think England were unlucky not to win ? What did you
think of David Beckham's behaviour?

George Michael says:
Yes, I was screaming with the best of 'em last week ... no jokes please ... and even though
I was as pissed off with him as we all were, let's be honest, one little mistake and, well,
I can relate, man....

Jewel, Manager, G NOTES, the largest George Michael fanclub in the world, asks:
Do you feel obligated to tour? It's absolutely true that your fans are desperate to see you
perform, but personally speaking, I'm more concerned with you doing what's best for George,
not for me, the future ticketholder. 

George Michael says:
Hi Jewel! Well thank you for your concern, but even though my fans know that I hate
touring I really feel that it will be a rewarding thing to do, and the support that people have
shown me in the last few months has really touched me. It makes the prospect of being
away from home for months a lot easier. But thank you anyway. I hope you enjoy it ,
whenever it is...

Shawn Turney asks:
Now that you're "out", how do you think you'll continue your public life? In other words,
will you go arm-in-arm with a male partner to the Grammys, like Ellen Degeneres and
Ann Heche??

George Michael says:
Well I've not had much of a 'public life' for quite a while really, apart from the occasional
sex scandal. But to start doing things differently would imply that I have been dying to get
into a frock for years, and as I said the reality is that I have lived an open life for years.
In truth, I am not an activist. I'm sure that my work with Aids charities will continue,
but otherwise I don't see things changing in any drastic way.

Julianne Pearce asks:
You were close friends with Princess Diana. What is your fondest memory of her?

George Michael says:
My fondest memory is of the first time I met her, but I don't feel right discussing it here. 
There are so many people still using her for their own benifit, and I don't want to be one
of them. Benefit!!! I really can spell! I just can't f*cking type!!!!

Melanie asks:
How do you feel about the fan tribute sites, and which are your favourite sites?

George Michael says:
Well, I know better than to incur the wrath of individuals who run the separate sites,
but I can assure you that I am online regularly...

Nobby asks:
We know the Greatest Hits is imminent - exactly when and can you tell us about the
new material on there?

George Michael says:
Well, I don't want to give too much away, but i am working on 3 tracks. And I should be
finished within the next couple of weeks, and they are rather bloody good....

The Microsoft Network says:
George, would you ever do movies?

George Michael says:
Well, this is a difficult one to answer because i am always tempted, but the fact is that
I can't bear to watch myself onscreen, so unless someone offers me the sequel to
'The Elephant Man', I doubt it.

Holger Pohlmann asks:
"Which are your favourite songs by The Beatles, ABBA and the Bee Gees ?"

George Michael says:
Err ... Beatles: 'She's Leaving Home' ... ABBA(Dancing Queen, anyone?): 
'Winner Takes It All...oh God that s worse!!! Bee Gees: 'Jive Talkin', of course...

Shawn Turney asks:
What is your view on becoming a positive role model for gay youth?

George Michael says:
I guess I don't really see myself as being a role model for anyone unless gay youths are 
looking for advice on how to get arrested, I suppose. But seriously, I have never tried to 
influence anyone with anything but my music and hopefully that will be enough.

Dani asks:
George, what CD(s) is in your CD player right now?

George Michael says:
Err....'Mezzanine', by Massive Attack. The album that our guys Trigger are working on. 
The new Brandy album. some more stuff by me.

Staci asks:
Whatever happened to your plans to move to Ireland? - it was widely reported that you 
were interested in a property in Dalkey, Dublin. We'd LOVE to have you over here!

George Michael says:
Sorry to disappoint Irish fans, but believe it or not the press are LYING! I never saw 
the house. I don't have 80 million pounds ... and I've never even BEEN to Los Angeles!

Sonyam asks:
George - do you ever fancy girls?

George Michael says:
Well ... is that Denise from the Big Breakfast? Sorry, English in-joke. But seriously folks,
of course, you don't stop looking just because you've decided that you are not going to
spend the rest of your life with a woman. And I don't think that I would be attractive to
women if I were not attracted to them. But please don't hold your breath, love, I'm taken.

The Microsoft Network asks:
George, it's coming up to time for the last few that okay?

George Michael says:
Ok ... but I am enjoying this, so if we go over time, that's ok

The Microsoft Network says:
Well we have plenty of questions and thousands of viewers ... yes, please!

George Michael says:
Ok ... I just want to warn you: I get very expensive after 12....

Fred Chang asks:
What do you think about religion?

George Michael says:
Good question, Fred. How long have you got? I believe in God, but I don't think that it is
man's destiny to understand God. Therefore we come up with our own ideas, mostly
based on comfort or fear. But I think that god and life are beyond the human imagination,
so I live my life as I said before, trying to make the best of it and letting others do the
same. Peace and love, baby.

Chrissie asks:
George why don't you record a song in Greek - I always liked Vassili Popaconstantino!!

George Michael says:
Who? Sounds like a cross between a lubricant and a musical instrument! Sorry,
Vassili! I don't think I will be performing in Greek anytime soon. I've tried,
but it always sounds like someone trying not to throw up. It's a great language,
just not one that I can manage. Thanx though.

The Microsoft Network asks:
Why do you always wear black?

George Michael says:
You want the truth? Well, black is a pretty good bet when you are colourblind,
which my real fans will know about me...

Coolhag asks:
George, would ever do a fly on the wall documentary like Elton John?

George Michael says:
Me? You are joking, right? Much as I admire Elton's honesty, he's mad. :-) 

...always leave 'em wanting more. Thank you, everyone, I've had a ball, but you already
know that. 

Bye now!!!!!!! Love and thanks. George xxxxxxxxxxx

(((((((((((((((((everyone!!!))))))))))))))))))) [cyber hug] 

The Microsoft Network says:
Thank you, George, it's been such a pleasure being online with you and your fans.... 

And thank you all very much for being online with the Microsoft Network.

Special thanks go to Capital FM for their support and of course MSN International. 

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