CALENDER: 16. January



Wed 16 Jan 1985

first of 2 Wham! concerts at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

Wed 16 Jan 1991

second of 2 concerts at NEC Arena, Birmingham, England

Wed 16 Jan 2008

George Michael reveals all to HarperCollins - New Biography

Pop legend George Michael has signed with HarperCollins to write his autobiography in what the publisher said was one of the biggest book deals ever concluded in UK publishing. The deal for world rights was agreed by Belinda Budge, m.d. and publisher of Harper NonFiction UK, with Michael's manager Andy Stephens and his book agency, Grace.

The autobiography, which HC described as "access all areas", covering both Michael's personal and professional life, will be published in autumn 2009 by HC in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Manager Andy Stephens said: "George has promised HarperCollins a no-holds barred biography, and itís certain to be just that. People arenít stupid, they're beginning to notice that the truth is more interesting than the stories the press come up with!"

Budge added: "This is an incredibly exciting publishing event. George is one of the best known and best loved pop singers in the world, with an extraordinary story to tell. I am particularly thrilled by this deal, as I have long been a fan of George's. Most importantly, this really will be a truly authentic bookó and an exceptional one, as heís going to be writing it entirely himself."