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Wed 11 Jul 2007

concert at Sluzewiec Racetrack, Warsaw, Poland, the first ever concert in Poland

Wed 11 Jul 2007

  11/07/2007 12:18

GEORGE MICHAEL was reportedly fined $260,000 (GBP130,000) after his opening concert at the new Wembley Stadium in London overran by 13 minutes.

The singer was the first artist to perform at the renovated venue - but walked away with a hefty charge for performing for too long. A source says, "Wembley has strict rules that gigs must finish at an agreed time or face a GBP10,000 fine for each minute they continue. George slipped two extra songs into his set and racked up a huge bill.

He was enjoying himself so much he didn't care." A Wembley spokesperson said, "Wembley can issue fines for concerts that overrun, but that's between Wembley and the concert promoters."