CALENDER: 06. June



Tue 06 Jun 2000

George performs on "Pavarotti & friends" at Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy

Wed 06 Jun 2007

concert at RDS Arena, Dublin, Ireland, a second show was planned for next eve but cancelled due the accident before the Praha concert, but rescheduled later for August.

Wed 06 Jun 2007


George Michael Dublin gig cancelled

Updated: 06/06/2007 22:10

Pop star George Michael has been forced to cancel his show in the RDS tomorrow night, it was announced tonight.

Aiken Promotions said in a statement the show was cancelled because a truck carrying equipment crashed while driving from Bucharest to Prague at the weekend.

The statement said temporary repairs allowed tonight's Dublin show to go ahead but "in order not to jeopardise the rest of the tour dates, a measured decision has been taken to postpone tomorrow night's show" to allow full repairs to take place.

"It is with great regret that George has accepted this decision, as the fans in Ireland have given him such wonderful support and incredible receptions during his recent visits their singing is something he will never forget," the statemetn added.

Tomorrow night's show will be rescheduled later in the tour. Those in possession of tickets will be able to use them for the later show or can get a refund from the point of purchase.